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We created a special technique to promote the Prematurity radio campaign called an EmailGram which you see below. The EmailGram was sent to websites reaching our four primary target audiences - expectant mothers, young dads, young African-American families and young Hispanic families. Additionally, the EmailGram was sent to the 50 state broadcast associations. To download the EmailGram for use by your chapter.
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Radio PSAs
Baby-Story/Moms :60
Baby-Story/Moms :30
Baby-Story/Moms :15
Baby-Story/Af-Amer :60
Baby-Story/Af-Amer :30
Baby-Story/Af-Amer :15
Baby-Story/Dads :60
Baby-Story/Dads :30
Baby-Story/Dads :15
Baby-Story/Spanish :60
Baby-Story/Spanish :30
Baby-Story/Spanish :15
  Cost of Premature Babies Exceeds $26 Billion Annually
  As an organization dedicated to the health of babies and families, we are alerting you about a new campaign launched by the March of Dimes aimed at reducing the number of premature babies born in our country each year. With more than 500,000 premature infants born each year – or one out of 8 births - this major medical problem costs our society just over $26 billion annually. This EmailGram has additional facts on the problem and we would greatly appreciate your spreading the word about the campaign on your website, in your newsletter, magazine or other external communications vehicles.
  With more than 500,000 premature infants born each year in our country – or one out of 8 new births - this major medical problem is having a serious impact upon our health care delivery system, on the parents of the newborn, employers who often shoulder much of the cost, and on society as a whole. As the graph below indicates, given the number of premature births occurring in our nation each year, and a cost differential of nearly $40,000 per birth between full term babies and those born prematurely, the cost to society is just over $26 billion annually.
  “Every parent wants a healthy baby. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Babies who survive may face lives of severe disability like blindness, mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Yet surveys show that the public doesn’t even know premature birth is a problem. That’s why we launched the ‘Every Baby Has A Story’ campaign to raise awareness and find lifesaving solutions,” says Doug Staples, Senior VP, Marketing and Communications for the March of Dimes.

By clicking on "Listen to PSAs,"  you can hear the voices of real parents of premature infants sharing their stories of both challenge and triumph in an honest and unscripted way. There are 12 messages in groups of three (:60, :30 and :15), designed to appeal to various types of audiences. For example, there are PSAs from a “Dads” perspective that might resonate with predominantly male audiences; a series featuring “Moms”; a series that honors the uniqueness of the African-American experience with premature birth, and a series for a Spanish-speaking audience.
  Other Important Facts
On average, premature babies covered by employer plans spend 17 days in the hospital during the 12 months following birth, compared to 3 days for full-term babies.
Premature babies make an average of nine visits to the doctor's office during the first year of life, compared to six visits for healthy, full-term babies. All of this means time away from work for the parents and loss of productivity and perhaps even wages.
  The March of Dimes is leading the fight to defeat prematurity with a multiyear, multimillion-dollar national campaign to help the nation reduce the rate of premature births from 12.1 percent to the national Healthy People 2010 objective of no more than 7.6 percent.
  We're attacking the problem from all vantage points by:
Funding vital research into ways to prevent and treat premature birth
Educating women about risk reduction including the signs of preterm labor
Assisting health professionals in evaluating patient risks
Expanding access to health care
  The March of Dimes invites everyone to participate in our “Every Baby Has A Story” campaign by going to www.marchofdimes.com and tell the story of a special baby in your life. You can also read other babies’ stories – those born healthy and those who need help to survive.



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