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Station Distribution List

Hawaii Chapter

KCCN-FMKCCN-FM Ms. Rhonda Ann Kihikihi900 Fort Street Mall 700HonoluluHI96813-808-275-1000HawaiianIslandMusicNo
KFMN-FMKFMN-FM Ms. Nicola LumacadP.O. Box 1566Lihue KauaiHI96766808-246-1197Adult ContemporaryNo
KHLO-AMKHLO-AM Mr. Russ Roberts913 Kanoelehua AvenueHiloHI96720-5116808-961-0651ESPNNo
KHNR-AMKHNR-AM Mr. Mike Shishido560 N. Nimitz Highway #109HonoluluHI96817-5328808-533-0065News/TalkNo
KHVH-AMKHVH-AM Mr. Dick Wainwright650 Iwilei Rd #400HonoluluHI96817-5086808-550-9200TalkYes
KHWI-FMKHWI-FMSMN Ms. Stephanie Salazar688 Kinoole StreetHiloHI96720808-959-5700Adult ContemporaryNo
KIKI-FMKIKI-FM Mr. Fred Rico650 Iwilei Rd #400HonoluluHI96817-5086808-550-9200Contemporary HitsYes
KNUI-AMKNUI-AM Ms. Wendy Osher311 Ano StreetKahuluiHI96732808-877-5566NewsNo
KNUQ-FMKNUQ-FM Ms. Delphine GreenePO Box 38KahuluiHI96733-6538808-244-9145HawaiianNo
KORL-FMKORL-FM Ms. Mahlon Moore1833 Kalakaua Ave. Suite 500HonoluluHI96815-1512808-538-1180JazzNo
KPUA-AMKPUA-AM Mr. Jason Takeya1145 Kilauea AvenueHiloHI96720808-935-5461TalkNo
KQNG-AMKQNG-AM Mr. Jon Gunning4271 Halenani StreetLihue KauaiHI96766808-245-9527News/Talk/Sports No
KSSK-AMKSSK-AM Mr. Dick Wainwright650 Iwilei Rd #400HonoluluHI96817808-550-9200Adult ContemporaryYes
KSSK-FMKSSK-FM Mr. Dick Wainwright650 Iwilei Road #400HonoluluHI96817-808-550-9200Adult ContemporaryYes
KUAI-AMKUAI-AM Mr. Bill DahleP.O. Box 720EleeleHI96705-0720808-245-9527CountryNo
KUCD-FMKUCD-FM    1505 Dillingham Blvd. #208HonoluluHI96817-4822808-550-9200AlternativeYes
KUMU-FMKUMU-FM Mr. George Rudolph765 Amana Street #206HonoluluHI96707-808-947-1500Adult ContemporaryNo
KWAI-AMKWAI-AM Ms. Renee Rosehill100 N. Beretania #401HonoluluHI96817-808-523-3868TalkNo
KZOO-AMKZOO-AM Ms. Tomoko YamazabiPO Box 61335HonoluluHI96839-1335808-947-5966EthnicNo
MRN -Money Radio NetworkNETWORK Ms. Delphine Greene311 Ano StreetKahuluiHI96732-808-877-5566 No

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