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Station Distribution List

Idaho Chapter

KACH-AMKACH-AM Mr. Alan White1133 E. Glendale RoadPrestonID83263-5318208-852-1340Adult ContemporaryNo
KAWZ-FMKAWZ-FM Ms. Susan HatchP.O. Box 271Twin FallsID83303-208-734-4357ReligiousNo
KBAR-AMKBAR-AM    120 South 300 West RoadRupertID83350208-436-4757News/TalkNo
KBRV-AMKBRV-AM Mr. Doug MathisP.O. Box 777Soda SpringsID83276208-547-2400OldiesNo
KBXL-FMKBXL-FM Ms. Leigh Ann Dyer1477 S. Five Mile RoadBoiseID83709-208-377-3790ReligiousNo
KCIR-FMKCIR-FM Mr. Duane Luchsinger1446 Filer Ave. E.Twin FallsID83301208-734-5777Adult ContemporaryNo
KCIX-FMKCIX-FM    827 E. Park Blvd. #201BoiseID83712-7782208-344-6363Adult ContemporaryYes
KECH-FMKECH-FM Ms. Carmen RossP.O. Box 2158KetchumID83340208-788-7118RockNo
KEZJ-AMKEZJ-AM    PO Box 1238Twin FallsID83303-1238208-736-3046News/TalkYes
KEZJ-FMKEZJ-FM Mr. Doc Holiday415 Park AvenueTwin FallsID83301-208-733-7512CountryYes
KFMA-FMKFMA-FM    47 North 100 WestJeromeID83338520-407-4500RockNo
KGEM-AMKGEM-AM    5601 Cassia StreetBoiseID83705208-344-3511Middle of the RoadNo
KID -AMKID -AMCBS Mr. Levy J. Newton1406 Commerce WayIdaho FallsID83401-208-524-5900HispanicYes
KID -FMKID -FMNBC Mr. Levy J. Newton1406 Commerce WayIdaho FallsID83401-208-524-5900Urban ContemporaryYes
KIDO-AMKIDO-AM Ms. Margo Vaughn827 E. Park Blvd. #201BoiseID83712-7782208-344-6363News/TalkYes
KIKX-FMKIKX-FM Ms. Eula Martinez21361 Hwy 30Twin FallsID83301208-735-8300Classic Hits No
KIOV-AMKIOV-AM Mr. Dave Combs1403 E. 2 1/2 StreetMeridinID83642-208-888-7747Adult ContemporaryNo
KISU-FMKISU-FM Ms. Megan Clements1454 Lakeview Dr. #76PocatelloID83201208-282-3691Middle of the RoadNo
KIZN-FMKIZN-FM Ms. Calley SchlagelP.O. Box 1210BoiseID83701208-336-3670CountryNo
KLER-FMKLER-FM Ms. Monica JonesP.O. Box 32OrofinoID83544208-476-5702Adult ContemporaryNo
KLHS-FMKLHS-FM Ms. Bonnie Votaw1114 9th AvenueLewistonID83501-2659208-743-5557Educational/Non-commercialNo
KLIX-AMKLIX-AM Mr. Doc Holiday415 Park AvenueTwin FallsID83301-208-733-7512News/TalkYes
KLIX-FMKLIX-FM Mr. Doc Holiday415 Park AvenueTwin FallsID83301-208-733-7512OldiesYes
KLLP-FMKLLP-FM Mr. K. C. Holt295 E. Center StPocatelloID83201-208-233-1133Adult ContemporaryYes
KMGI-FMKMGI-FM Mr. Sean Green544 N. Arthur Ave.PocatelloID83204-208-233-2121RockNo
KMHI-AMKMHI-AM Ms. Barbara LambertP.O. Box 704Mountain HomeID83647208-587-8424CountryNo
KMJY-FMKMJY-FM Mr. Patrick A. ScottP.O. Box 17400OldtownID83822-208-437-5331OldiesNo
KORT-AMKORT-AM Mr. Mike S. JohnsonP.O. Box 510GrangevilleID83530208-983-1230CountryNo
KOSZ-FMKOSZ-FM Ms. Kelly BecksteadP.O. Box 699BlackfootID83221208-785-1400Educational/Non-commercialNo
KPKY-FMKPKY-FM Mr. K. C. Holt295 E. Center StPocatelloID83201-208-524-5900RockYes
KRCD-AMKRCD-AM    P.O. Box ZeePocatelloID83206-208-232-0010News/TalkNo
KRIC-FMKRIC-FMAmer Pub Mr. Dale HillerRicks CollegeRexburgID83460-0115208-356-2907ClassicalNo
KRLC-AMKRLC-AM Ms. Patty Sanders805 Stewart AvenueLewistonID83501-4709208-743-1551CountryNo
KRPL-AMKRPL-AM Ms. Kimberly DawnP.O. Box 8849MoscowID83843208-882-2551SportsNo
KRXK-FMKRXK-FM Ms. Mindy Lauritzen228 1st StreetIdaho FallsID83401-3966208-356-3651CountryNo
KSAS-FMKSAS-FM Mr. Tobin Jeffries827 E. Park Blvd. #201BoiseID83712208-344-6363Adult ContemporaryYes
KSEI-AMKSEI-AM Ms. Connie MorrisonP.O. Box 40PocatelloID83204-208-233-2121OldiesNo
KSRA-AMKSRA-AM Mr. Ray Marshall315 Hwy. 93 NorthSalmonID83467208-756-2218Adult ContemporaryNo
KTSY-FMKTSY-FM Mr. Jerry Woods16115 S. Montana Ave.CaldwellID83605-208-459-5879ReligiousNo
KUPI-FMKUPI-FM Ms. Lacey Moon854 Lindsay Blvd.Idaho FallsID83402-208-522-1101CountryNo
KWAL-AMKWAL-AM Mr. Larry Crigger120 1st St.OsburnID83849208-752-1141CountryNo
KWEI-FMKWEI-FM Mr. Paul SchoenbonPO Box 45234BoiseID83711-5234208-367-1859HispanicNo
KWIK-AMKWIK-AM Mr. K.C. Holt259 E. Center StPocatelloID83201-208-233-1133News/TalkYes
KZBQ-FMKZBQ-FM Mr. Paul AndersonP.O. Box 97PocatelloID83204-0097208-234-1290CountryNo
KZMG-FMKZMG-FM Mr. Kevin GodwinP.O. Box 1280BoiseID83701-208-465-9966Adult ContemporaryNo

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