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Station Distribution List

Wyoming Chapter

KAML-FMKAML-FM Ms. Rachel DavisP.O. Box 1179GilletteWY82717-307-682-5265Adult ContemporaryNo
KASL-AMKASL-AM Ms. Shirley DeMerritt933 1/2 West MainNewcastleWY82701-2820307-746-4433CountryNo
KASS-FMKASS-FM Mr. Donny Rood218 N. Wolcott StreetCasperWY82601-1923307-265-1984RockNo
KCGY-FMKCGY-FM Mr. Will MaxwellP.O. Box 1290LaramieWY82073-307-745-9242CountryYes
KFBC-AMKFBC-AM    1806 Capital AvenueCheyenneWY82001-307-634-4461News/TalkNo
KGAB-AMKGAB-AM Ms. Micah Strader1912 Capitol Avenue #300CheyenneWY82001307-632-4400TalkYes
KGOS-AMKGOS-AM Mr. Greg KathRt. 2 Box 40TorringtonWY82240307-532-2158CountryNo
KGWY-FMKGWY-FM Ms. Rachel DavisP.O. Box 1179GilletteWY82717-307-686-2242CountryNo
KIGN-FMKIGN-FM Ms. Micah Straber1912 Capitol Avenue #300CheyenneWY82001307-632-4400RockYes
KIQZ-FMKIQZ-FM Ms. Patty Watters2346 W. SpruceRawlinsWY82301-307-324-3315Adult ContemporaryNo
KKLX-FMKKLX-FM Ms. Nanci Harrington1340 Radio DriveWorlandWY82401-307-347-3231Adult ContemporaryNo
KKTL-AMKKTL-AM Mr. Bob Davis150 N. Nichols AveCasperWY82601307-266-5252TalkYes
KLEN-FMKLEN-FM Ms. Micah Strader1912 Capitol Avenue #300CheyenneWY82001307-632-4400CountryYes
KLGT-FMKLGT-FM Mr. Aaron Palmer1220 Fort StreetBuffaloWY82834307-672-2690CountryNo
KMER-AMKMER-AM Mr. James ThoenyPO Box 432KemmererWY83101-0432307-877-4422OldiesNo
KMGW-FMKMGW-FM    150 N. Nichols AveCasperWY82601-1816307-266-5252Adult ContemporaryYes
KMUS-FMKMUS-FM Mr. Gina McGee1912 Capitol Avenue #300CheyenneWY82001-3659307-632-4400CountryNo
KOLZ-FMKOLZ-FM Mr. Jack Marcus1912 Capitol Avenue #300CheyenneWY82001970-461-2560CountryYes
KOWB-AMKOWB-AM Mr. Will MaxwellPO Box 1290LaramieWY82073-307-745-4888News/TalkYes
KQLT-FMKQLT-FM Mr. Donny Rood218 N. Wolcott StreetCasperWY82601-1923307-265-1984CountryNo
KRAE-AMKRAE-AM Mr. Tom Bauman2109 East 10th StCheyenneWY82001307-638-8921OldiesNo
KROE-FMKROE-FM Mr. Ed SchumacherPO Box 5086SheridanWY82801-1386307-672-7421CountryNo
KSGT-AMKSGT-AM Ms. Jennifer CohnP.O. Box 100JacksonWY83001307-733-2120ESPNNo
KTAG-FMKTAG-FM Mr. Tom MorrisonP.O. Box 1210CodyWY82414307-578-5000Adult ContemporaryNo
KTHE-AMKTHE-AM Ms. Brenda EvansP.O. Box 591ThermopolisWY82443307-864-2119OldiesNo
KTRZ-FMKTRZ-FM Ms. Eileen PopovichP.O. Box 808RivertonWY82501307-856-2922Adult ContemporaryNo
KUYO-AMKUYO-AM Mr. Aaron RemingtonP.O. Box 50607CasperWY82605-0607307-577-5896ReligiousNo
KYCN-AMKYCN-AM Mr. Kent SmithPO Box 248WheatlandWY82201-0248307-322-5926CountryNo
KYCS-FMKYCS-FM Mr. Kenny Allen40 Shoshone AveGreen RiverWY82935-0970307-875-6666Adult ContemporaryNo
KZWY-FMKZWY-FM Mr. Ed SchumacherPO Box 5086SheridanWY82801-1386307-672-7421Adult ContemporaryNo
KCWC-FMKCWC-FM Mr. Dale Smith2660 Peck AvenueRivertonWY82501  No

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